Interested in an urban
education service year?

Apply to be a math or literacy fellow for the 2016-2017 school year!

The math and literacy fellow positions provide an ideal service year for recent college graduates from any major, career changers considering teaching and retirees from a range of fields. Fellows work full time for an entire year before going on to further their own education, lead classrooms or pursue careers in public service.

Fellows focus on math or literacy and can note their interest in being a math fellow or a literacy fellow in the application.

Fellows work with students during the school day in addition to a traditional math or reading class. Students are served at over 50 elementary and secondary schools across DPS. Fellows are full-time employees of Denver Public Schools and are an integral part of the school team at each school site.

2016-2017 Availability: To apply to be a literacy or math fellow for 2016-2017 go here.

Application Deadlines for 2016-2017

Priority Deadline 1 November 27, 2015
Priority Deadline 2 January 8, 2016
Spring Deadline 1 March 4, 2016
Spring Deadline 2 April 15, 2016
Summer Deadline Rolling Admissions

Immediate Availability: To apply for a current math fellow opening for the 2015-2016 school year go here.

Denver Math Fellows & Denver Literacy Fellows are proud members of the AmeriCorps national service network and Employers of National Service.

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Math Fellow & Literacy Fellow Mission

Close the opportunity gap by providing small group math & literacy instruction for our highest need students in order to accelerate their academic growth in preparation for college and career.