“Math Fellows help people get better at math
and they teach us things that will help us in the classroom.” - 6th Grade Student

Day In The Life

Program Structure for Fellows

As a Denver Fellow your days will be long, challenging, and rewarding. On a daily basis you will experience a burst of energy when a student finally ‘gets-it,’ you will also feel a student’s frustration as they struggle to grasp a challenging concept.

Each tutorial period will be highly structured in order to ensure every second counts. The four components of each tutorial are:

  1. Do Now: Students silently complete two to three problems based on content from previous tutorial
  2. Targeted Individual Support: Focus on skills and concepts, based on student need
  3. On Track: Focus on grade level aligned material, for all students
  4. Exit Ticket: Check for understanding and mastery of content covered that day

Each fellow will deliver approximately 6 tutorials per day and each tutorial will be about 45 minutes with four or less students per period. Fellows will work with students with the highest need and generally see a cohort of 24 students each day. In addition to the tutorials you will deliver each day you will be expected to participate in school duties (lunch, hallway etc.) and have a minimum of 45 minutes for individual planning and a 30 minute lunch. Here is an outline of a typical daily schedule; times will vary depending on school.

  • Periods 1-3 Work with four students each period; with each tutorial group you will be delivering a different learning module based on student need. The grade level section of each tutorial will be generally the same.
  • Lunch
  • Periods 4-5 Work with four students each period
  • Period 6 Planning period; use this time to plan tutorials for the next day, collaborate with math teachers
  • Period 7 Final tutorial of the day
  • After School Prep for following day, call parents with positives/concerns, participate in professional development provided by fellow coordinator or school staff


  • Please note: Denver Fellow Residents will follow the same daily structure as Denver Fellows in addition to attending in-person sessions one evening and one afternoon per week. While Residents attend classes in-person each month, approximately 40% of the Relay program is completed online.