Close the opportunity gap by providing small group math & literacy instruction for our highest need students in order to accelerate their academic growth.

Meet the Team at Colfax Elementary

Thy Thy Nguyen is a math fellow at Colfax Elementary School. She is originally from Westminster, CO and graduate from Ohio State University. The best part about being a fellow for Thy Thy is the interactions with the kids in and out of school. She said, “Getting to know them on a more personal level outside of school, during sports events and school activities.”

Thy Thy (Colfax)Rey Sosa is originally from Los Angeles, CA and is a math fellow at Colfax Elementary School. He graduated from Kalamazoo College. When asked what he liked most about being a fellow, Rey said, “The best part of being a fellow for me is the support from the other fellows. We’re all very supportive of each other.”

Rey Sosa (Colfax)

Emily Saylor graduated from University of Pittsburg and is originally from Philadelphia. According the Emily, the best part of her job is getting to work really closely with kids of different grade levels and getting to know them really well.

Emily Saylor (Colfax)The leader of this awesome group of fellows at Colfax is EJ Rickey. He’s a Colorado native and graduated from Gonzaga University in 2011. His favorite part of working with Fellows is being part of the fellow’s immersive experience of recognizing educational inequalities and working hard to change them. According to him, “largely, fellows have not been part of education before their service year and by and large are unaware of the challenges that are faced by students from low-income communities.  Seeing Fellows become passionate about working to make a difference with these issues is very rewarding, especially when Fellows choose to continue the work they are doing.  Last year, I had three Fellows that are full-time teachers in DPS this year.”

EJ (Colfax)