“It is with great pleasure that I HIGHLY recommend and acknowledge the amazing Math Fellows program. The Math Fellows program is awesome and I am so grateful that our students had the opportunity to participate.” - ES Principal

Program Focus Areas

Character: We develop a growth mindset through our values and personal success factors as we practice, alongside our students, the skills and competencies needed to be successful in school and beyond. Through our influencer of the month series we highlight diverse leaders in math related fields to ensure our students know what is possible.

Precision: We plan to the smallest detail in order to lead student culture, prepare for lesson delivery and to provide the best possible experience for students. With an intensive focus on deliberate practice and consistent observation and feedback cycles we provide a road map to individual and collective development in service of our kids.

Rigor: Through data analysis our Math Labs focus on targeted skill and concept development in order to accelerate student growth and provide daily access to grade level standards and expectations. We know that with our individual support and high expectations that every student can be successful in our program