“Math Fellows help people get better at math
and they teach us things that will help us in the classroom.” - 6th Grade Student

Day In The Life

Program Structure for Fellows

As a Denver Fellow your days will be long, challenging, and rewarding. On a daily basis you will experience a burst of energy when a student finally ‘gets-it’,  You will also feel a student’s frustration as they struggle to grasp a challenging concept. But the relationships you will build will have a profound and long lasting impact on the lives of your students.

Each tutorial period will be highly structured in order to ensure every second counts. The four components of each tutorial are:

  1. Do Now: Students silently complete two to three problems based on content from previous tutorial
  2. Aligned Support: Focus on foundational skills and concepts, based on student need
  3. Grade Level Content: Focus on grade level aligned material, for all students
  4. Exit Ticket: Check for understanding and mastery of content covered that day

Each fellow will teach 5 to 6 small groups per day and each tutorial will be about 30-90 minutes depending on the grade and school schedule. Fellows will work students with the highest need and support them with additional practice on grade level concepts. In addition to the tutorials you will deliver each day, you will be expected to participate in school duties (lunch, hallway etc.) and have an individual planning time and a 30 minute lunch. Here is an outline of a SAMPLE daily schedule; times will vary depending on school.

  • Morning Prep materials for the day
  • Periods 1-3 Work with a small group of students each period; with each tutorial group you will be delivering a different learning module based on student need. The grade level section of each tutorial will be generally the same.
  • Lunch
  • Periods 4-5 Work with a small group of students each period
  • Period 6 Planning period; this time is to be used to internalize and annotate lessons, participate in a weekly data meeting, or  collaborate with math teachers
  • Period 7 Final tutorial of the day
  • After School Prep for following day, call parents with positives/concerns, participate in professional development provided by fellow coordinator or school staff

Please note: Denver Fellow Residents will follow the same daily structure as Denver Fellows. However, they may have one less period with students to provide for the opportunity to observe and learn from an Exemplary Classroom Teacher.