Salary: $29,000 per year, paid over 12 months ($19.49hr)
Benefits: Medical and dental options

Partnership Overview: The Denver Fellow Residency is a prestigious program partnered with Relay Graduate School of Education designed for those interested in becoming teachers. It offers an opportunity to get a Colorado Initial Teacher Licensure and a Master of Arts in Teaching while working in Denver Public Schools. Fellow Residents spend the first year of the program working with small groups of students while being supported by an experienced teacher.  They then move into teaching full sized classes in the second year. During both years of the fellowship, Fellow Residents enroll as graduate students at Relay. They receive professional development and coaching from the Relay faculty, and will be eligible for their teacher license at the end of the first year of the program. At the successful conclusion of the two-year residency, Fellow Residents will earn their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).

Relay graduate students begin coursework the summer before the school year begins. Once the school year starts, graduate students attend class sessions one evening and one afternoon per week. Classes are mostly online, however, Relay faculty may hold class in-person as well  when it is safe to do so. Fellow Residents will engage in intensive training through coursework and deliberate practice with a gradual on-ramp into teaching. Denver Fellow Residents will be eligible for licensure in one of the following endorsement areas: Elementary Education (K-6) or Secondary Math (7-12). All Relay Denver residents who apply for their teaching license will also receive the Culturally Linguistically Diverse Education endorsement.

During their first year, Fellow Residents build strong relationships with a cohort of students and leverage those relationships to increase student engagement and achievement. They build individualized lesson plans using provided curriculum and plan activities that help to fill in academic gaps and support grade level instruction. Fellow Residents work with small groups of students. They receive program-wide professional development as well as targeted individual coaching and development. During the second year, graduate students become teachers and lead their own classroom and continue to complete coursework with Relay. They continue to receive observations and feedback from Relay faculty.

Education Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  • Cumulative undergraduate (or Masters, JD, PhD, if applicable) grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale 
  • Robust content knowledge, as demonstrated by one of the following:
    •  A major in, or closely related to, the intended teaching field
    • A passing score on the appropriate Praxis II Content test. If the candidate has not yet taken the Praxis II, they can provide an upcoming test date
    • 24 semester hours of college-level coursework, pursuant to CDE content area worksheet requirements

Tuition and Aid:

Relay is committed to ensuring that its programs are affordable. The annual tuition is $12,000* per year. All graduate students are eligible to receive scholarship awards, which significantly reduces tuition to about $6,000 a year. Graduate students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid.

*Tuition is subject to change.

Learn more about Relay here, or watch the “All About Relay” video series