The median growth for students who received
tutoring during the 2013-2014 school year was the
equivalent of an increase of two or more grade
levels based on assessments used within the program.


Denver Public Schools
Salary: $27,000 per year
Benefits: Medical and dental options
Location: Denver, CO

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Denver Math Fellows Program is to close the opportunity gap by providing small group math instruction for our highest needs students in order to accelerate their academic growth in preparation for college and career. The private tutoring industry is a $260 billion industry. For some families, private tutoring is a way to close the achievement gap. The Denver Math Fellow Program allows students who would otherwise not have an option to afford private tutoring, the opportunity to receive additional mathematics support during their school day and free of charge

We are looking for math Fellows aligned to our mission. We seek individuals that are passionate about working with students from diverse backgrounds and are willing to develop strong relationships with students and their families. The ideal candidate would need to be committed to a service year, have a joy of learning, and a desire to engage students in learning mathematics. 

 Job Summary and Responsibilities:

  • Commit to teaching small groups of students, math content, for an entire school year
  • Build positive relationships with students, families and colleagues
  • Have a flexible attitude and disposition
  • Accept, implement and grow from feedback 
  • Internalize and annotate lesson plans to meet the needs of groups of students
  • Follow a structured tutorial model
  • Participate in professional learning to gain important aspects of the role

Education experience:

  • Successful completion of a minimum of 48 college credit hours
  • Background with mathematics content preferred but not required (Candidates seeking high school positions must pass a high school math assessment.)

Example of Daily Activities:

Each fellow will have approximately 6 tutorial periods per day. Each tutorial period will be about 45 minutes and with small groups of students. Fellows will teach students with the highest needs to fill in foundational gaps and support their access to grade level content. In addition to the mathematics lessons fellows will deliver each day, they will be expected to engage in the school community (i.e have duties such lunch, hallway, etc.).  Fellows will have an individual planning. Planning consists of, but is not limited to, internalizing and annotating lessons for directions, collaborative structures, questions and other strategies to support lesson delivery. Fellows will also have a 30 minute lunch. Below is an outline of a typical daily schedule. Times will vary depending on the school.

  • Morning Prep materials for the day.
  • Periods 1-3 Work with a small group of students each period.
  • Lunch
  • Periods 4-5 Work with a small group of students each period.
  • Period 6 Planning period; internalize and annotate lessons, participate in a weekly data meeting, or  collaborate with math teachers.
  • Period 7 Final tutorial of the day.
  • After School Prep for the following day, call parents with positive compliments, participate in professional development provided by Fellow Coordinator or school staff.