1. How does the growth of students in Math Fellows compare to those not in Math Fellows at specific schools? Math Fellow Growth Pie Chart

At 78% of secondary schools, students in Math Fellows grew more than students who were not in Math Fellows. (2016 state assessment)

2. How did 9th graders in the Math Fellows program perform? 9th graders MGP bar chart

The median growth percentile for all 9th graders was 73; 320 9th graders. (2016 state assessment)

3. How did the proficiency of 4th graders compare to their proficiency when in 3rd grade (pre-Math Fellows)? 4th graders proficiency bar chart

The proficiency of 4th graders increased by 9 percentage points from their 3rd grade proficiency rate; 1,231 fourth graders. (2014 state assessment)

4. How did the growth of 6th graders compare to their growth when in 5th grade (pre-Math Fellows)? 6th graders MGP bar chart

The median growth percentile increased by 15 points; 1,074 6th graders. (2014 state assessment)