Close the opportunity gap by providing small group math instruction for our highest need students in order to accelerate their academic growth.

The Value of Fellows as Mentors

By, Maureen Malcolm, 2014 Fellow Alum and Recruitment and Data Coordinator

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In Denver, we work to support the academic and personal growth of our students through a focus on the whole child.  Fellows work with small groups of students (2-4 students per period) on a daily basis.  This provides fellows with a unique opportunity to ensure students receive individualized instruction and mentoring.

We know it is important that our students know they will be held to high expectations and provided with the support to meet those expectations in a caring environment.   Creating a sense of belonging helps increase motivation in a space where students feel comfortable working on material that is challenging.

One way we assess the quality of our mentoring is through a Student Perception Survey which is completed by all of our students on an annual basis. We ask students about their experience with their fellow and in the program.  Last year we surveyed 3,244 students and received ratings of 90% favorable or higher on 9 out of 12 of these indicators.  Here are three of the questions that received a 90% favorable or higher rating:

  • I can learn everything taught in math or literacy lab if I try hard
  • My fellow encourages me to work hard and try my best
  • What I learn in math or literacy lab helps me in my core class


The relationships we build with our students and families directly impact their success in school. Being able to create a structured and predictable space for our kids to learn and feel cared for is one of the most important ways we work to support both academic and social-emotional development.